TopAir Systems Releases Smart Control System for Products

TopAir Systems released a series of smart  control systems for its fume hoods, based on innovative technology.

The control systems are available in basic, medium, and pro levels.

Basic – 10 air velocity options, controls for on/off, lighting and outlets

Medium – Air velocity display, alarm for low air velocity level and all Basic features

Pro – An intelligent VAV system that transforms TopAir’s fume hoods into sophisticated solutions.

The VAV system maintains the selected air velocity, and uses a sensor to detect the presence of staff nearby, accordingly opening or closing the window automatically, while also adjusting the air velocity, to maximize power savings and safety and minimize noise.

The system’s color touch screen offers a friendly graphic display, always showing real-time air velocity, temperature and humidity level.
It offers a display of metric or imperial systems, timers for filter replacement for up to 3 filters, and timers for the next scheduled maintenance.

A sensor measures and the chemical level after the filtration, and displays the result, including humidity and temperature. Upon a failure, a red light colors the control screen and the unit’s interior, so staff can easily detect the failure, even from a distance. There is also an audio alarm which can be muted.

The system also includes a technician configuration screen which displays the distributor’s contact details.

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