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    Active Sensor Motion Control

    TopAir’s advanced VAV system measures the product’s air velocity using a high quality sensor, and adjusts the air velocity speed to the relevant standard.

    The system enables maximal energy savings, by flexibly adjusting the fan speed (high/low) to changing needs. Further savings are enabled in the area of air conditioning, as the air flow from the room is reduced when the fan operates at a lower speed. This also reduces the fume hood’s noise level.

    The system keeps the user updated as to the airflow speed at all times and provides alerts on deviations from the required speed to prevent hazardous situations.

    TopAir’s VAV System introduces an entirely new concept for intelligent operation of fume hoods. As a complete solution, all its components are already integrated, configured and programmed – a true plug-and-play system. Eliminating the need to separately purchase a control system, touch screen and frequency inverter, and employing technicians to integrate and install each component, the VAV System offers the customer a full cost-effective solution.

    The VAV System can be used to renovate an existing fume hood, or can be installed in a new fume Hood. In both cases, it upgrades the fume Hood to a high-end intelligent system.

    The VAV System comprises:
    A touch screen including visual and audio indicators for alerts, as well as a mute button.
    A unit including sensors and power supply for the screen.
    VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) which controls the frequency and voltage supplied to the motor.

    The VAV System is a highly reliable and user-friendly system for setup and use.

    Upon a failure, the interior of the cabinet is lighted
    up in bright red, so that staff, including people with hearing issues, can easily detect the failure
    from a distance.

    The system can be installed in research labs, healthcare facilities, life science companies, universities, and more.

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    Active Sensor Motion Control


    Model VAV-9
    Screen 9″ color touch screen
    Function Auto air velocity control systems (VAV + VFD) and central operating system for fume hoods
    Display Range 0 – 2 m/s
    Low alarm range set point Settable
    Output 3 phase 3 x 230v
    Analog In 0-10 VDC
    Input Power 110-220 V, 50/60 hz

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