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TopAir Systems is dedicated to developing, manufacturing and providing innovative clean air solutions based on the latest technology.

Our products are used in laboratories and manufacturing facilities within chemical or biological plants, universities, research & development facilities and hospitals, as well as in the electronics, semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries.

The company has a worldwide customer base, with facilities around the world and active sales in Europe,
North & South America and Africa.


Our flexibility allows us to customize products in accordance with customer requests regarding sizes, technical specifications and accessories.

Product safety and quality are top priorities at TopAir, and products comply with the relevant international certifications, to ensure the wellbeing of lab and manufacturing personnel.

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Our core values

TopAir Systems creates its solutions with a focus on values which it has cherished and meticulously implemented over the long years of its activity.


We ensure high quality anti-corrosive materials, and comply with all relevant standards.


Any product can be manufactured in any size, even for a single unit, and at a fair price.


We have a number of facilities around the world that provide support and service to our global customers.


We integrate advanced technology into our products, including VAV systems, customizable alerts, automatic sash open/close and more.

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