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Filter Alarm

The Filter Alarm is a sophisticated security system for ductless fume hoods, providing alerts when the filter is not properly functioning. The Filter Alarm features an advanced sensor that samples the air above the filter and checks the chemical gas concentration level. When the level crosses a pre-defined safety threshold, which is undetectable without the system, an alert is issued.

The system also alerts when the filter needs to be replaced or when it is clogged.

The system can check a variety of materials. With its advanced technology and high reliability, the system offers lab staff and operators total safety.

  • Elegant glass panel
  • Simple user friendly interface
  • Maintenance, consulting and replacement parts are conveniently available from AAC Control brand
Category Specification
Model name VA-FLA-CI - Filter alarm for ductless fume hoods
Max sensitivity 50 ppm
Visual display Green and red LEDs
Alarm indications LED and audible alarm
Input power 230/115 VAC, 50/60hz


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