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    Integrated Particles Monitoring System for Biosafety Cabinet: IPMS

    TopAir Systems introduces the revolutionary IPMS – a biosafety cabinet with an integrated particles detection system.

    The IPMS measures particle concentration in real time, monitoring the cleanliness level 24/7. Its display clearly indicates whether or not the cleanliness level complies with
    ISO-5, and alerts when the workspace has been contaminated and needs to be serviced.

    Its smart algorithm processes data provided by an advanced built-in sensor, and displays a reliable outcome.

    IPMS provides critical real-time information on the air quality within the workspace, prevents cross-contamination, and ensures constant, full standard compliance.

    It is an unprecedented solution that can transform the future of biological processes in the industry. Previously, in order to meet ISO-5 cleanliness level standard in the workspace, companies either tested the hood with an external particle counter every few months; or sourced a large, expensive particle counter for daily testing. TopAir Systems’ Integrated Particles Monitoring System (IPMS) offers the game- changing advantage of constant cleanliness monitoring with an integrated mechanism.


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    Integrated Particles Monitoring System for Biosafety Cabinet: IPMS


    Spec/ Model BO-090-NSF BO-120-NSF BO-150-NSF BO-180-NSF
    External size W x D x H 1020 x 830 x 1500 mm

    40.2″” X 32.7″” X 59··

    1320 x 830 x 1500 mm

    52″X 32.7″” X 59··

    1620 x 830 x 1500 mm

    63X 32.7″” X 59··

    1920 x 830 x 1500 mm

    75.6″ X 32.7·· X 59··

    Workspace [W X D X H] 900 x 660 x 710 mm

    35.4″” X 26″X 28″”

    1200 x 660 x 710 mm

    47.2X 26″” X 28″”

    1500 x 660 x 710 mm

    59·· X 26″” X 28″”

    1800 x 660 x 710 mm

    70.9″” X 26″” X 28″

    Sliding front sash 6 mm tempered glass

    Clear visibility -23″[580mm] / Sash max opening-18.9” [480 mm]  / Working height – 3·· [200mm]

    Certification NSF 49 compatible
    Control 10.1 user friendly full touch microprocessor control, multilingual, metric and imperial
    Airflow 70% circulation/30% exhaust, downflow-66 FPM [0.33 ms]/ inflow-100 fpm [0.5 ms]
    Filters ULPA U15 efficiency ra99.9995% ra 0.1 um
    Cleanliness level Class 100/1S0 5
    Safety Dual air velocity sensor and alarm [chamber red light], particle contamination alarm [red light ], sash alarm, filter alarm, UV replacement, periodic service alarm
    Hood material Epoxy coated metal structure.

    304 stainless steel lnterior. Option for 316 stainless steel

    Adjustable stand height 70/80/90 cm including anti-vibration leveling legs and casters Optional: motorized height adjustment, heavy-duty stand
    Noise – per EN-12469 <52dB <52dB <54dB <60dB
    Electric consumption 2AMP 2AMP 4AMP 4AMP
    UV with interlock Waterproof 254nm 25w Waterproof 254nm 25w Waterproof 254nm 50w Waterproof 254nm 50w
    Lights Eco-friendly LED lighting average > 1000 LUX / Chamber red light alarm



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