Ecoline Biosafety Class II A2 Cabinet

Ecoline Biosafety Class II A2 Cabinet

TopAir’s Ecoline Biosafety Cabinet protects lab staff, the environment and sensitive work processes in which biological agents are applied.

A compact benchtop unit, the unit offers a high level of contamination protection, based on two advanced HEPA filters operating at a typical efficiency of 99.9995%@0.3 um, with an airflow pattern of 70% downflow and 30% exhaust.

The cabinet’s polypropylene structure offers an optimal solution as a solid, easily-cleaned high-resistance material.

The cabinet is equipped with a smart, safe and elegant touch-screen control system that protects the operator and provides alerts for low airflow levels.

All components have low energy consumption, LED lighting and fan.


  • Polypropylene structure with high chemical resistance
  • 304 stainless steel work surface & spill tray
  • Two H14 HEPA filters
  • High efficiency fan
  • Smart 4.3” touch-screen control system
  • Technician calibration screen, fault alarms
  • Germicidal UV light system and safety interlock mechanism
  • 6 mm double layer safety front glass window with electrical motion system
  • Economical LED light
  • ISO 5/ CLASS 100 cleanliness level according to EN 12469 standards
  • CE certified, complies with EN 12469
Spec/ Model ECO-BO-080-PP
Outer Dimensions
W x D x H
800 x 680 x 1220 mm

31.5 x 26.7 x 48"
(W x D x H)
720 x 500 x 570 mm

28.3 x 19.6 x 22.4"
Front Sash Max Opening 400 mm / 15.7
Test Standard
Compliance with EN12469
Downflow Velocity 0.35 m/s, 70 FPm
Inflow velocity 0.5 m/s, 100 fpm
Airflow pattern 70% circulation, 30% exhaust
Cleanliness level Class 100/ISO 5
Cabinet Material Welded white polypropylene structure with stainless still 304 worktop
Noise Level <52dB (Tested 20 cm from worktable, 1.2m above ground)
Power supply 115 / 230V, 50/60 Hz, Single phase
Illumination 800 LUX, Eco-friendly LED lighting
Gas Tap BO-GT
Water Tap BO-WT


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