Lab Workstations

Lab Workstations

TopAir offers a wide array of workstations tailored to laboratories, including wall stations and workstations designed for installation in center of the lab. The lab stations can include electricity, water and communications systems.

The workstations are built in a variety of sizes and adapted to the customer’s needs.

They are of a very high standard: The table is made of oven tempered metal, and the drawers and closets are made from plywood, with a Formica coating.

We offer a variety of worktops – ceramic, epoxy, anti-static, Trespa Toplab Plus and polypropylene.




  • Ceramic, epoxy, anti-static work tops, Trespa Toplab Plus and polypropylene.
  • Optional add-ons:
    • Water – lab taps, sinks
    • Infrastructure – electricity and communications, fluids, gas
    • Storage – upper and lower cabinets, drawers, shelves
    • Lighting, partitions, stainless steel networks, peg boards, etc.